Trevor Steckly

Project Coordinator/Designer

Architect, AAA, WELL AP

A curiosity and optimism about the potential of the built environment drew Trevor from the small town of Devon, AB in 2008 to pursue architecture in Calgary. While completing an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies he fell in love with the adventure of the city and developed an interest in architecture’s formative role within its urban context.

In 2013, Trevor began the Masters of Architecture program at the University of Calgary and was introduced to more intimate scales of discovery through a thoughtful shaping of material. The way architecture can reveal things about the material world and bring about an understanding of natural systems as they coalesce highlights the pedagogical role of architecture at an individual level.

Since joining MBAC in early 2016, Trevor has been able to explore these aspects and scales of architectural practice and will continue to aspire to evoke wonder within the experience of the everyday.

Trevor is an Architect, AAA and a WELL Accredited Professional.

MBAC Trevor Steckly Headshot
MBAC Trevor Steckly Headshot